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All esteemed users of "Aqoela" can visit the norton website and create an account in the "My Norton" panel to ensure the authenticity of the norton antivirus.

Norton Security Multi-Device 2021

Windows / Mac / Android / ios

Norton Antivirus is a powerful security software developed by the American company Symantec. Norton Anti-Virus was developed to combat the spread of viruses and malware. Due to its artificial intelligence technology, this antivirus is able to automatically detect and quarantine malicious agents offline and online. Symantec is the largest Internet security research company in the world. The products produced by this company are very popular among Internet users.


▪ Ability to virus external memory

▪ Ability to quarantine suspicious files

▪ Automatic cleaning of malicious agents

▪ Have all security tools for complete protection

▪ Ability to analyze and scan the hard drive accurately

▪ Having a firewall to prevent hackers and trojans from infiltrating

▪ Complete protection of the system against the intrusion of malicious agents

▪ Keep a history of messages and warnings issued by the software for future review

▪ Secure storage and encryption of passwords and other confidential user information

▪ Better network protection and better control of the connection of other network computers to the system

▪ Automatic and intelligent software decision making and reduction of messages and warnings issued by the software

* Note: Licenses are only valid in the EU.



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Install and activate the software. Your device, files, photos and digital identity will be protected.

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Norton Security

My Norton User Panel


All esteemed users of "Aqoela" can visit the Kaspersky website and create an account in the "My Norton" panel to ensure the authenticity of the Kaspersky antivirus. In this user panel, all the details of your antivirus, including the purchased version, the number of users, the duration used and the rest of the license validity, etc., can be seen.


Norton Security New

Norton Security antivirus is one of the most powerful, popular and best antivirus and security software for Windows, Mac, ios, Android operating system, which by having it on your system, you can provide complete and strong security against malware, hackers and other attacks. Be destructive and prevent damage to your information. This software has a powerful and fiery firewall that protects your system in all aspects and prevents any viruses and malware from entering the system and removes them. With this program, you can scan the system memory, programs and files and delete them quickly if there is any malware. Norton scanning power and speed are very high, so there is no delay in your work.



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