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All esteemed users of "Aqoela" can visit the Kaspersky website and create an account in the "My Kaspersky" panel to ensure the authenticity of the Kaspersky antivirus.

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection Multi-Device 2021

Windows / Mac / Android / ios

You can easily connect with your friends on social networks or shop online, without worrying about personal files or payment details being in the interest of hackers.


▪ Premium VPN version

▪ Privacy and data protection

▪ Up to 5 devices via one account

▪ Encrypt all data and hide your IP

▪ Registration via Kaspersky online required

▪ Protects you on public WiFi and much more

▪ Allows access to more websites and content

▪ Completely private and hidden on the Internet

▪ Prevents unauthorized access to your communication

* Note: Licenses are only valid in the EU.


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Step1: shopping

Select the product you want and after the purchase process, receive the license in your email.

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Step2: download

Wherever you are, you can receive the download link of the latest version of the products in your email.

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Step3: Activation

Install and activate the software. Your device, files, photos and digital identity will be protected.

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My Kaspersky User Panel


All esteemed users of "Aqoela" can visit the Kaspersky website and create an account in the "My Kaspersky" panel to ensure the authenticity of the Kaspersky antivirus. In this user panel, all the details of your antivirus, including the purchased version, the number of users, the duration used and the rest of the license validity, etc., can be seen.


Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection New

In this day and age when we are all online, one of the most important changes in our lives is that we are dealing with a huge number of wireless internet networks every day. No one stays home all day to work with wired internet, otherwise we would be relieved of network security; But regardless of the particular moment that Corona created, we use the Internet in office environments, as well as in the doctor's office, our children's school, and friends' homes; Even our phones in the supermarket have at least one public Wi-Fi network.

Of course, anyone concerned about privacy and security should at least consider using a VPN. A VIP actually separates your activity; You ask apart from what? Aside from the vicious actions and intentions of thieves trying to get between you and your bank account; Except for advertisers who track your online traffic (among other things). Also, if for any reason you want to pretend to be from another country, Vipiyan will provide you with this feature.


How do we know if VIPs are working?

A good internet protection is to turn off the lights. You do not see it working, but it is a corner that gently protects you. Our Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection app runs in line with this philosophy and protects your online security and privacy (even for the automated process, this protection extends over public Wi-Fi networks). One of the drawbacks is that an unstable connection can actually cause VIPs to take away your protection (and you will be exposed to your online activities more than ever). Another drawback is the precious few seconds between connections; Once your device has started connecting to a hotspot but the VIP still needs to reactivate itself.


Kill Switch feature

The most obvious improvement in the latest version of Kaspersky VPN is a new feature called Kill Switch. When your connection is lost, the Kill Switch automatically blocks your device from accessing the Internet until it restores its VIP connection. This eliminates the risk of using unprotected connections. Users of the paid version of Kaspersky VPN can enable this feature in the software settings. If this feature is enabled, users will not be able to transfer data unless VIP is actively protecting the system.


Other efficient capabilities

The latest version of Kaspersky VPN includes many changes (from minor to major). Here are some important changes:

Stream everywhere. The paid version of Kaspersky VPN also includes a new option that allows travelers - only in their area of ​​residence - to access the content that is normally available. For example, if you like to watch the Netflix show in the US or the UK and you are in another country for business, you do not need to come home to watch.

AES-256 encryption standard. This standard encrypts data within the Windows and Mac versions with one of the most powerful encryption algorithms available.



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